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Why Choose Us?

We have worked as Mandarin teachers in HK for long so we are well connected with a vast network of local Mandarin tutors and Chinese teachers. Few of them have registered online and more are yet to register online. Because of our huge network, we can effectively match you with a suitable and stable Mandarin teacher who have a flexible schedule and live close to you.

We have worked in kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and learning centers. We deeply understand the key points and difficulties of learning Mandarin and Chinese for expat learners.

We understand when we are trying to search a Mandarin tutor for our expat learners, we must take into 3 considerations, namely the learning styles of learners, the Mandarin proficiency of learners and the learning objectives of learners.

We understand our agency service is not simply exchanging contact information of learners and teachers. We always bear in mind “ What type of Mandarin teacher fits this type of expat learner?”

We will try our best to find you a qualified and passionate Chinese teacher. We hope you can learn to love Chinese language, Chinese culture and our country. Below are 2 certificates which showcase our Mandarin teaching qualifications.