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Hello, I achieved my Bachelor’s Degree in the Chinese Language and Literature Department of Peking University, which is regarded as the best Chinese Language and Literature Department in the world. Both Mandarin and Cantonese are my mother tongues. Having attained the highest level in LPAT(Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers), I’m a specialist in Pinyin, grammar, and Chinese civilization as well. I’ve been teaching Chinese for about 4 years, and I will teach according to your requirements and needs. I hope you would experience the enchantment of Chinese!

Teaching Qualification

Mandarin Tutor for English-speaking Learner , Cantonese Tutor for English-speaking Learner , Mandarin Tutor for Children , DSE Chinese Tutor , General Mandarin Tutor , Mandarin Tutor for Business , Chinese Tutor for Writing and Reading , Online Mandarin Tutor (Living in Hong Kong)

Average 4.6 points
Middle school teachers (local school)
College students, full-time teachers
Chinese language and culture

Upper First Class

Grade 5
Mandarin (The mother tongue) , Cantonese (The mother tongue) , English (fluent)

Teaching Experience (One on One)

Teaching Experience (Small group of 2-3 learners)

Teaching Experience ( Large group of 8 learners or above)

Price Table (HKD)

Teaching Preferences and Skills

Minimum hourly rate (One on one) Five hundred
Ideal hourly rate (One on one)
Minimum hourly rate (One on one online) Three hundred
Ideal hourly rate (One on one online) Four hundred
Minimum hourly rate (Small group of 2-3 learners) Six hundred
Ideal hourly rate (Small group of 2-3 learners) 900
Minimum hourly rate (Large group of 8 learners or above)
Ideal hourly rate (Large group of 8 learners or above)
Idealy Monthly Salary Zero
Tuition nature Only looking for a part-time job
Class type Real one on one, online one to one, 2-3 group
Can have tuition at tutor's home? Can not
Student age Can teach at any age
Good professor Read, write, listen, speak, vocabulary, interview Mandarin, recitation, Business Mandarin
Familiar with the industry Accounting, cosmetology, education, media and advertising, scientific research
Can have tuition in cafe? Any gender and age of the students can
Teaching style Activity teaching, interest teaching, system teaching, students as the center
other skill Will Chinese literature, will be simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese characters, piano, singing
Public exam DSE preparation test, KPCC test, GAPSK preparation, HSK preparation, preparation, IB preparation, preparation, GCSE preparation, IGCSE preparation, LEVEL A preparation, test, BCT test, SAT preparation

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Guangdong Province
Beijing City, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City, Hongkong
Cantonese (The mother tongue) , English (fluent)
North Point

College entrance examination in Chinese, ranked first in the sixty-five thousand candidates, graduated from the Chinese language and Literature Department of Peking University (Chinese education academic level of the world's first), and obtained a master's degree in Chinese University Hong Kong. The lpat (LPAT) has the highest level of fifth grades. A comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Chinese traditional culture and local customs and practices around China, especially good at writing, writing in classical chinese. Serving Chinese science teachers, has several years of experience in tutoring, students from primary and secondary schools, including DGS, SPCC and other schools and CIS international school. Mandarin and Cantonese speakers in general, double, Guangdong can. Unique growth background made me the Cantonese cultural circle and cultural circle in the Central Plains as well, both teach students to authentic Mandarin diction and sentence, and weaknesses of local students to learn Mandarin and common problems like the palm of his hand, and can be appropriate guidance. Patient and meticulous, for students to lay a good language foundation, stimulate interest in learning; more will champion experience and skills purse phase grant, all-round strengthening students' abilities of language and examination. Preparation is sufficient, reading ability, writing ability and teaching plan of the course were reasonable and convenient students and parents understand the progress; for the level of students and school curriculum, I carefully prepared materials, quality problem, part of the course with PowerPoint, make the teaching effect to achieve the best. On Chinese reading volume has a unique way of solving the problem, dismantling of volumes of ideas and subject scores point, summed up the reading comprehension and problem-solving steps, answer formula, for students to understand that the original Chinese reading rules and the fixed mode, make students grasp the skills test, no longer afraid to read volumes. Many students in class three or four months from the middle reaches of the class to the top three. In the advanced class and top class writing teaching, students' writing levels were significantly increased. The most immediate example is that several classmates listen to the first section discuss the coaching course enlightened, writing scores from the four is instantly rose to 60 points. Liberal arts and trespassing. He won the national junior high school mathematics league third prize, national junior high school physical League second prize, Guangdong Province junior high school biology League first prize. Both to keen literary sensibility lead the student to read the beauty of the written word, can also for science students, liberal arts in the rational analysis of the answer mode, summary answers behind the logic and rules, from the science of thinking point of view, Professor of Chinese help science students draw inferences about other cases from one instance, overcome the test difficulty. The readings, set all the director, the integration of both Beijing and Hong Kong's cultural style and aesthetic taste, not only to teach students how to pronounce pronunciation skills, more make students understand the relationship between tone, speed, voice and text affective, and then grasp the "cadence, uttering the close affection" recitation meaning. If you are interested, can contact me, tuition negotiable, class time arrangements can be adjusted. Provide the exclusive teaching material which is carefully compiled -- Reading Comprehension and practice, and reading and writing skill notes. Thank you parents love, cherish time and energy is limited, therefore, will give priority to high grade students in teaching. If you desire for low grade children find the teacher, other teachers believe can also live up to.