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As a graduate of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, what I have learnt mostly important is “To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind” and I also want to apply this motto for my teaching. Due to being skilled in Bi-literacy and Tri-lingualism, I think I am suitable for this position.Although I am new to the teaching industry, in the past 2.5 years, I have accumulated some experiences around classroom teaching and I made efforts to create an autonomous, cooperative, exploring and innovative teaching style. Throughout my education and work experiences, I have developed my teaching skills in a variety of teaching internships. In 2012, I acted as a Chinese teacher in second grade in Shenzhen Nanshan Experimental Primary School. In the meantime, I assisted the head teacher to conduct classes and solve pupils’ conflicts. During the time with those pupils, I obtained the skills in how to get along well with children in daily life such as accompanying them reading books, coming up with a competition about reading speed and sharing what we think about in order to cultivate them to be interested in reading and think about problems by themselves. Of course, we could give them some awards to them such as another new storybook, rubbers, pencils, chocolate and so on if they had good performance. In the classes, I would mix the knowledge into some games or stories to stimulate their interests in learning with happiness. After class, I would grade pupils' homework in order to know more about them via some standards of assessment. I would praise those pupils who did a good job in their homework in class and helped those who needed to correct their homework in time in order to help them cultivate good habits in learning. I enjoyed these experiences with them and I found out I loved to be a teacher and enjoyed the role as a teacher in my classes. Also, I taught the local ethnic-minority middle school students who were in grade 4 and grade 6 Chinese reading and writing in the Confucius Institute of Hong Kong. During my classes, I always used different methods to help them concentrates on the lessons, give them interesting passages to enhance their reading, writing and relevant grammars. This summer, I got the Chinese teacher internship in the University of California, Los Angeles. Through teaching different levels of Chinese course including lecture and discussion sections and graded assignments, I have learnt how to deal with the classes, choose related materials and use different methods to teach according to different levels students. In order to help students enhance their spoken Chinese, I always use Chinese they have already learnt to communicate with them and give individual tutorials to those who need my help in their writings and presentations. During the time, I found that the most important thing in teaching language was to help students to use language, even though grammar was important as well. Due to my international teaching internship experiences, I will apply those different teaching methods such as different exercises to different levels students and private tutoring after class for my future teaching in order to recognize their achievements. I hope I have the opportunity to meet with you and further discuss my interest and qualifications. Thank you for reading!

Teaching Qualification

General Mandarin Tutor , Mandarin Tutor for English-speaking Learner , Online Mandarin Tutor (Living in Hong Kong)

Average 4.2 points
College Students
College Students
Chinese language and culture

Upper Second Class

No such cert
Mandarin (The mother tongue) , Cantonese (The mother tongue) , English (fluent)

Teaching Experience (One on One)

Teaching Experience (Small group of 2-3 learners)

Teaching Experience ( Large group of 8 learners or above)

Price Table (HKD)

Teaching Preferences and Skills

Minimum hourly rate (One on one) Three hundred
Ideal hourly rate (One on one) Four hundred
Minimum hourly rate (One on one online) Two hundred and fifty
Ideal hourly rate (One on one online) Three hundred and fifty
Minimum hourly rate (Small group of 2-3 learners) Three hundred and fifty
Ideal hourly rate (Small group of 2-3 learners) Five hundred
Minimum hourly rate (Large group of 8 learners or above) Four hundred and fifty
Ideal hourly rate (Large group of 8 learners or above) Six hundred
Idealy Monthly Salary Twenty thousand
Tuition nature Part time or full time
Class type Any type can be
Can have tuition at tutor's home? Can not
Student age Can teach at any age
Good professor Business Mandarin
Familiar with the industry Beauty, design, education
Can have tuition in cafe? Any gender and age of the students can
Teaching style Activity teaching, interest teaching, system teaching, training and home class, the students as the center
other skill Will Chinese literature, will be simplified, singing, tour guide
Public exam HSK pilot

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Guangdong Province
Shenzhen City
Cantonese (The mother tongue)
Tai Wai
Hung Hom

As a Hong Kong Polytechnic University graduates, I have always motto as the motto of our work, namely "the objects into works that encourage learning and benefiting people. Because I am familiar with two written languages, so I think I'm fit for the position. Although in the education industry, I am a novice, but in the past 2.5 years of teaching experience, I have accumulated some experience in the classroom, and I will try to create a cooperative, development, creative teaching model in the classroom.