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Hello! I am Angie. 
I have master degree of teaching Chinese as an international language in The Hongkong Insititute of Education , and bachelor degree of Chinese language and literature in Beijing Normal University.
Also I have postgraduate diploma of Education in Hong Kong.

I have many teaching experience in many countries, such as Singapore, Canada, India, Philipine and mainland China. I worked for Confucious Institute ,Nanyang Technological University, I left there on April 2015.

I’m an outgoing and genial people with wide interests. For example, I prefer playing guitar or ukulele in my leisure time and I love swimming and exercising in gym as well.

Teaching Chinese has been interesting me for over 5 years and I keep being engaged in doing teaching activities about it. I feel an extremely strong sense of accomplishment when I witness my students’ improvements of their Chinese. I love intercultural communication and I love communicate with people coming from different cultural backgrounds. To Chinese culture, I’m always willing to learn and share with others. Due to coming from mainland China and studying in Hong Kong now, I’m able to master both traditional and simplified Chinese and have an excellent command of English, Cantonese and Mandarin.Besides, I am also good at Chinese calligraphy and I’m obsessed with Chinese modern poem and pop music. I, sometimes, write poems and lyrics. To professional teaching, I have unique understanding and teaching style. I’m good at pronunciation teaching, as the result of professional training in broadcasting and hosting which has lasted for 2 years, especially at listening and speaking. Combining with my broadcasting and hosting experience, I have invented a very unique and efficient approach to teaching in Chinese phonetic alphabet, which is also known as Pinyin. Students can learn Chinese in a relaxed and happy atmosphere by my ardent and frisky teaching style.

As an international Chinese teaching teacher, from my perspective, I meet all the moral requirements as a teacher. Yet, what I still have to do is to learn and assimilate more teaching theories and summaries my own teaching experience.

No matter you are a Kid or an adult, let us learn Chinese (Putonghua) together, Language is magic, Never too old to learn.  

Teaching Qualification

Mandarin Tutor for English-speaking Learner , General Mandarin Tutor , Online Mandarin Tutor (Living in Hong Kong)

Average 4.7 points
College students, other
Teacher, teacher, university teacher
Chinese as a foreign language

Lower First Class

Grade 5
Mandarin (The mother tongue) , Cantonese (Intermediate) , English (fluent)

Teaching Experience (One on One)

Teaching Experience (Small group of 2-3 learners)

Teaching Experience ( Large group of 8 learners or above)

Price Table (HKD)

Teaching Preferences and Skills

Minimum hourly rate (One on one) Three hundred and fifty
Ideal hourly rate (One on one) Four hundred and fifty
Minimum hourly rate (One on one online) Three hundred
Ideal hourly rate (One on one online) Three hundred and fifty
Minimum hourly rate (Small group of 2-3 learners) Four hundred
Ideal hourly rate (Small group of 2-3 learners) Five hundred
Minimum hourly rate (Large group of 8 learners or above) Four hundred and fifty
Ideal hourly rate (Large group of 8 learners or above) Five hundred and fifty
Idealy Monthly Salary 18000
Tuition nature Part time or full time
Class type Any type can be
Can have tuition at tutor's home? Any gender and age of the students can
Student age Can teach at any age
Good professor Reading, Business Mandarin
Familiar with the industry Accounting, management, customer service, hotel, education, marketing / PR, media and advertising, civil servants
Can have tuition in cafe? Any gender and age of the students can
Teaching style Teaching activities, fun teaching, teaching system, focusing on practice and homework, teacher-centered to learner-centered
other skill Will Chinese literature, will be simplified, calligraphy, singing, tour guide
Public exam HSK備試,IB備試備試IGCSE,GCSE,備試

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Beijing City, Guangdong Province, Guizhou Province
Cantonese (Intermediate) , English (fluent)
Tai Wai
Causeway Bay , Central

My name is Ann. In 2014, I obtained a bachelor's degree in Chinese language and Literature (Chinese Education) in Beijing Normal University, and obtained a master's degree in international Chinese education at the Hongkong Institute of education in May 2015. 2016 Hongkong PGDE education qualifications. I have a wealth of experience in teaching and teaching experience in many countries, such as Singapore, Philippines, Canada, India, Hongkong, and China. For example, I have been to India in January 2013 NGO EI-SHADDA Goa volunteer teachers, Professor of Chinese students in India. In June of the same year, I in the summer camp held in Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus of Hong Kong Mandarin classes in the South and served as first assistant, professor from Hong Kong's high school students standard Mandarin and minority ethnic students of Hong Kong Chinese and the teaching experience let me have the experience and Hong Kong classmates and with non Chinese speaking students get along. I also served as a long time in the Chinese language teaching work in Kong Zi college, Nanyang Technology University, singapore. From 5 years ago, I have a strong interest in the Chinese international education began, on the continuous practice, every time I see their progress in the Chinese students will feel a great sense of accomplishment. I love cross-cultural communication, like and people from different cultural backgrounds to communicate. Regarding own Chinese culture, I always maintained the attitude of learning and sharing, I will Chinese calligraphy, love for the Chinese modern poetry and pop music, occasionally try to write poems and lyrics. For professional teaching, I also have their own set of ideas and style. I am good at teaching speech, especially in listening and speaking. Because I have two years of radio host professional training experience, in the teaching of phonetic, I combined with the experience of broadcasting, so I have a unique phonetic teaching method. I have a lively and lively class style, can let students learn in a relaxed and happy atmosphere to the Chinese language. At the same time, I am sure that every time I can learn from others, and actively participate in academic forums, workshops. I am an outgoing, deeply loves the life, likes singing and playing guitar and Ukulele, so I will be very glad to with students to share the different life experience.