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I am capable for Mandarin, Cantonese, Chinese and/or up to primary school level of Math/English teaching related part-time job. I am male, Hong Kong permanent resident. I was born in November, 1977 and grew up in Mainland China. I obtained Bachelor of Architecture from South China University of Technology, Guangzhou and Master of Built Environment (Sustainable Development) from University of New South Wales, Sydney. I am proficient at Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) and English, Mandarin and Cantonese. I have got high scores in both literal art and science subjects. I have rich knowledge and strong capabilities of language pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and writing. I am excellent in communication, coordination and management, and highly interested in, enthusiastic about and confident of language and teaching.  I have obtained Second  Class Upper of Putonghua Proficiency Test, learned Cantonese Yale Pinyin and have certain time of teaching practice, including the service for famous key enterprises/organizations and children, good at adopting different teaching methods and contents fitting for each student's characteristics and demands.

I had been working in a famous Hong Kong professional consultant company (planning, architectural design and interior design) for many years, responsible for design, study, coordination and management work, and involved in wide range of projects in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and internationally. I have researched and visited many cities and regions in Mainland China. I have been using Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) and English, Mandarin and Cantonese in my daily work and life, communicating and collaborating with people of a varieties of cultural and language backgrounds. I am deeply interested in literature, history and culture, of wide knowledge and experience,  and have made written works and poems from time to time. I believe the above abilities and experiences will be great help in teaching.

It is earnestly hoped that I can get an opportunity of teaching for you. . Look forward to your kind response. 

Teaching Qualification

Mandarin Tutor for English-speaking Learner , Cantonese Tutor for English-speaking Learner , Mandarin Tutor for Children , DSE Chinese Tutor , General Mandarin Tutor , Mandarin Tutor for Staff Development , Mandarin Tutor for Business , Chinese Tutor for Writing and Reading , Mandarin Tutor for Speech Training , Tutor for Learners of Special Education Needs , Online Mandarin Tutor (Living in Hong Kong) , Maths Tutor , English Tutor , General Homework Help

Average 4.5 points
Tutor, teacher education institution
Cram school teacher, teacher education institution, non education sector
Engineering class

Upper Second Class

No such cert
Mandarin (The mother tongue) , Cantonese (fluent) , English (fluent)

Teaching Experience (One on One)

Teaching Experience (Small group of 2-3 learners)

Price Table (HKD)

Teaching Preferences and Skills

Minimum hourly rate (One on one) Three hundred
Ideal hourly rate (One on one) Six hundred
Minimum hourly rate (One on one online) Three hundred
Ideal hourly rate (One on one online) Four hundred and fifty
Minimum hourly rate (Small group of 2-3 learners) Three hundred
Ideal hourly rate (Small group of 2-3 learners) Six hundred
Minimum hourly rate (Large group of 8 learners or above) Three hundred
Ideal hourly rate (Large group of 8 learners or above) Six hundred
Idealy Monthly Salary Zero
Tuition nature Only looking for a part-time job
Class type A person on a line, one on one, 2-3 group, 8 or more classes
Can have tuition at tutor's home? Can not
Student age Can teach at any age
Good professor Read, write, listen, speak, vocabulary, interview Mandarin, recitation, Business Mandarin
Familiar with the industry Accounting, finance, law, management, real estate, banking, marketing, running, retail, customer service, hotel, insurance, beauty, architecture, design, education, engineering, information technology, manufacturing, marketing and advertising, media and advertising, medical services, procurement, civil servants, scientific research, transportation logistics
Can have tuition in cafe? Any gender and age of the students can
Teaching style Activity teaching, interest teaching, system teaching, training and home class, the students as the center
other skill Chinese literature can be simplified, calligraphy, traditional characters, painting, singing, interpreting, and tour guides.
Public exam HSK pilot

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Cantonese (fluent) , English (fluent)
Hung Hom

I am competent for part-time jobs in Putonghua, Cantonese, Chinese and / or elementary school mathematics and English teaching. My man, Hongkong permanent resident, born in November 1977, was born and grown in mainland China, received a Bachelor of architecture in architecture from South China University of Technology in Guangzhou and a master's degree in the construction of environment (Sustainable Development) from University of New South Wales in Sydney. He is proficient in and applied Chinese (simplified traditional) and English, Mandarin and Cantonese. The humanities, science and science are excellent, Chinese language ability is outstanding, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and writing have a solid knowledge and function, with excellent communication, coordination and management ability, language and teaching have great interest, enthusiasm and grasp. I have obtained the grade two grade of Mandarin proficiency test, mastered Yale phonetic alphabet in Cantonese, and has some experience in teaching practice for a period of time, including the teaching service for key enterprises and children, and good teaching methods and content based on the different characteristics and needs of the students. I have long been in Hongkong's famous professional design consulting company (planning, architectural design and interior design), responsible for design, research, coordination and management, extensive participation in Hongkong, Macao, mainland China and international projects, research and visit a large number of Chinese cities and places. I often use Chinese (simplified traditional) and English, Mandarin and Cantonese in my daily work and life, and have exchanged and cooperated with people of different cultures and language backgrounds for many years. I have extensive knowledge and rich experience, and I am very interested in literature, history and culture. I believe that these abilities and experiences will also be of great benefit to teaching.