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In 2013, selected from over 1,000 applicants, I received an offer from the Confucius Institute, a non-profit organization of the Ministry of Education, to teach Chinese abroad in Myanmar.


I was allocated to work at the headquarters of Fuxing Confucius Classroom. Besides teaching different Chinese classes from the beginner to the advanced level, I gave Chinese language training in a local pharmacy company. Highly praised by the local school leaders, I was awarded as an “Outstanding Chinese Teacher” in 2014. To accumulate more experience, I taught in two prestigious international schools in Yangon for one year and a half. Every minute in international schools made me feel challenged yet fulfilled, because I gained experience in teaching IB Chinese and succeeded in organizing a series of events to promote Chinese culture.


Specialized in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, I gained a solid understanding towards a series of theories in my professional courses such as Modern Chinese Language & Literature, Ancient Chinese Language & Literature and Linguistics as well as Chinese teaching methodology and Chinese culture. With high academic achievement, I was awarded scholarships twice during my time at university.


In earning a Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language from the Hongkong Polytechnic University, I gained in more systematic and professional training in Chinese language and related disciplines.


The 3 years of overseas teaching experience and 5 years’ professional training enabled me to find the path and career I am interested in and have great passion for, which is to teach Chinese language and Chinese culture in the world.


With the systematic and professional training in applied Chinese language studies, rich overseas teaching experience, and great passion in this area, I am confident I am a qualified candidate to enrich your Chinese Mandarin learning.


Teaching Qualification

Mandarin Tutor for English-speaking Learner , General Mandarin Tutor , Mandarin Tutor for Staff Development , Mandarin Tutor for Business , Chinese Tutor for Writing and Reading

Average 5.0 points
Full-time private teacher
Primary school teachers (International Schools), middle school teachers (International Schools), University Teachers
Chinese as a foreign language

Upper Second Class

No such cert
Mandarin (The mother tongue) , English (fluent)

Teaching Experience (One on One)

Teaching Experience (Small group of 2-3 learners)

Teaching Experience ( Large group of 8 learners or above)

Price Table (HKD)

Teaching Preferences and Skills

Minimum hourly rate (One on one) Three hundred and fifty
Ideal hourly rate (One on one) Four hundred
Minimum hourly rate (One on one online)
Ideal hourly rate (One on one online)
Minimum hourly rate (Small group of 2-3 learners) Six hundred
Ideal hourly rate (Small group of 2-3 learners) 650
Minimum hourly rate (Large group of 8 learners or above) 900
Ideal hourly rate (Large group of 8 learners or above) Nine hundred and fifty
Idealy Monthly Salary 25000
Tuition nature Part time or full time
Class type A person of a, 2-3 group, 8 or more classes
Can have tuition at tutor's home? Can not
Student age Can teach 7-12 years old, can teach 13-18 years old, can teach adults
Good professor Read, write, listen, speak, vocabulary, interview Mandarin, recitation, Business Mandarin
Familiar with the industry education
Can have tuition in cafe? Any gender and age of the students can
Teaching style Activity teaching, interest teaching, system teaching, students as the center
other skill Will Chinese literature, will be simplified, calligraphy, painting, singing, translation
Public exam HSK preparation, IB preparation, IGCSE preparation, BCT preparation

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rely on
Cantonese (fluent) , English (The mother tongue)
North Point
Central , Sheung Wan

I have great enthusiasm for teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Both undergraduate and graduate students are studying Chinese as a foreign language, and their professional foundation is relatively solid. In 2013, through the selection of the headquarters of Hanban / Confucius Institute, I sent to Yangon Fuxing Burma Confucius classroom to promote Chinese language work. Confucius worked in an international school for a year and a half during his class work. During the Burma Fuxing Academy Confucius and computer classroom work, I mainly responsible for the work are: first, Chinese teaching. Teaching Chinese from elementary to advanced level. A Chinese medicine company is sent to a Yangon pharmaceutical company to train Chinese for the students. The students are 7~10 and the Chinese level is elementary. Two. Organize Chinese summer camp. Three. Responsible for news reports and Chinese English translation work in Confucius class. Four, in the HSK, YCT, BCT examinations as the main invigilator. Five. Organize and design a series of promotional activities of Chinese language and Chinese culture. Mainly includes: the first Yangon division Chinese Bridge training camp, Sino Burma diplomatic relations 66th anniversary knowledge competition, Confucius Institute day, the first Yangon and surrounding area Chinese character hero competition. In the international school work, I am responsible for the work of the main: first, teach primary and secondary school Chinese courses. Two, organize "international day China booth", "China day", "Chinese character hero" competition. In the "China Week" activities "parents Chinese day" as the main speaker, to about 300 students of parents teach basic Chinese course, get the students and parents praise. Three years of overseas Chinese teaching, not only I accumulated some teaching experience, but also let me in the precious overseas practice, honed the will, enhance the sense of teamwork, but also increased communication skills. Personality, I am cheerful, diligent in study, have affinity, is good at communicating with children.